Conserving Water

WPC’s Watershed Conservation Program provides a full range of services to the community. Its focus areas include:

  • In-stream monitoring and assessment;
  • Stream restoration and habitat improvement;
  • Abandoned mine drainage remediation;
  • Riparian buffer plantings;
  • Agricultural best management practices;
  • Unassessed water evaluation;
  • Watershed conservation planning;
  • Aquatic species surveys; and
  • Technical assistance for landowners and local watershed organizations.

The Watershed Conservation Program has offices in Indiana, Ridgway and Hollidaysburg.

Agricultural Services

The program provides assistance to farmers and other large landowners wishing to implement best management practices designed to protect water quality, land and animal health. This includes assistance navigating often-confusing government programs. This section includes information on the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP).

Aquatic Science

This section includes a variety of studies that WPC scientists conduct to examine the human impact on and interaction with aquatic systems that range in scale from the molecular level of contaminants to the stresses on entire ecosystems.

Watershed Restoration

Learn more about a wide range of Watershed Conservation Program projects.

Technical Assistance

WPC provides technical assistance to grassroots watershed organizations in prioritizing projects and scientific expertise. The watershed conservation staff also provides schools and students of all ages with hands-on educational presentations that help people understand the importance of clean water and healthy ecosystems in Pennsylvania. The Watershed Conservation Program also has staff members who are certified to develop nutrient management plans through the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission.

Virtual Resources

This section offers a library of watershed conservation and restoration plans. Watershed Conservation Plans are a key tool for any watershed-based conservation effort and essential to the careful planning of your project.



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