Mount Washington

The Greening of Pittsburgh's Mount Washington

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy partnered with the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation to develop a “Master Implementation Plan” for managing Mount Washington’s green spaces.

Below is the Implementation Plan separated into downloadable PDF files:

Supported by the Heinz Endowments, the project included a thorough assessment of existing green spaces, opportunities for landscape and ecosystem enhancement, needs for restoration, and places where residents and visitors could have more enjoyable access to green areas. The WPC team found that there are major opportunities to enhance the forests on Mount Washington, and there are numerous partial trails that could be developed to increase access. The study also identified ecologically sound techniques for managing hillside vegetation to reduce the current practice of severely cutting trees that obscure the views of the city below, leaving only unhealthy and unsightly plants on the mountainsides. Instead, the report recommends replanting hillsides with low-growing native plants that will rarely need pruning. The action plan laid out by the report will take a decade or more to implement, but now the community now has science-based tools to guide their important work which will create an “emerald link” that connects all the neighborhood’s green spaces. Since the report was issued in late 2005, the community has convinced the City Council to declare over 250 acres of undeveloped city-owned land on Mount Washington to be a new city park.


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