Applying to TreeVitalize

The TreeVitalize Pittsburgh Planting Program supports street, park and riverfront tree plantings by supplying trees and services for locations throughout Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Every Pittsburgh neighborhood is eligible to participate in TreeVitalize. Please call 412-586-2396 or email to discuss community goals and preparedness.  Many Allegheny County municipalities are eligible. Contact Jeffrey Bergman, TreeVitalize director, at the above number to discuss municipality eligibility.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a group will receive trees. Funding for seasonal plantings is limited. Eligibility and selection criteria are described in the downloadable documents below.

Please click on the following links if you would like more information regarding eligibility and selection criteria.

Preference for street tree plantings will be given to neighborhoods that:

  • have demonstrated the capacity to organize volunteers for planting and stewardship activities;
  • have below average tree canopy cover for the area.  See link for Allegheny County municipalities and City of Pittsburgh neighborhood community tree canopy percentages.
  • have a predominance of residents at or below the median income;
  • are implementing other environmental improvements such as stormwater best management practices; and
  • are implementing other community improvements such as beautification, residential redevelopment or business district reinvestment.

Parks and riverfront tree plantings will be targeted toward areas that:

  • are in need of intensive restoration;
  • have historical, cultural or environmental significance; and
  • are undergoing additional environmental improvements.