Downtown Planters

Initially planned as a birthday gift to the city of Pittsburgh for its 250th celebration, more than 600 large planters accent main pedestrian corridors downtown. The Colcom Foundation first proposed this “bouquet of flowers” for the city in 2008; since then, the foundation has renewed the project to enhance the experience for everyone who lives, works or visits downtown. Additional organizations provide support for planters throughout downtown as well.


Five seasonal displays of flowers are provided, including daffodils then tulips in the spring, five different color combinations of mixed summer flowers in the summer, chrysanthemums in the fall and an assortment of evergreens in winter months. Through these changing displays, the planters offer color and accents throughout all seasons. For more information on planters for your community, please contact Art DeMeo, director of greenspace services, at 412-586-2346.


Summer planter, 2011 Summer planters, 2011
Summer planter displays


Spring planter displays


Downtown Pittsburgh Planters, Fall 2011

Fall planters