Market Square

In 2007, WPC began a partnership with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to add green accents to Market Square. As part of its strategy to enliven downtown and make Market Square a key to the revitalization of the Golden Triangle as a great place to live, the Partnership asked WPC to add planters and special spring and summer plantings in the Square.

Planters in Market Square, 2011

Along with hanging baskets, large planters were used to delineate experimental outdoor seating for the Square’s restaurants. The Partnership found that the greening of Market Square was a significant help to increase local business and people often mentioned the planters and greenery when they thanked the Partnership for its efforts downtown.

Even after the remake of the Square in 2009 and 2010, WPC has continued to work with the Partnership to enhance Market Square with green and flowers.

Hanging Basket in Market Square, 2011

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