Ohio & Lower Allegheny Region

The Ohio River and Lower Allegheny River are integral to the social, cultural and economic fabric of Western Pennsylvania. Much of our region’s identity is derived from the rivers that run through it. Beyond their important economic and recreational value, the Ohio River and its tributaries represent one of the most diverse freshwater ecosystems on earth. For this reason, the Ohio and Allegheny rivers are high-priority conservation targets, from their headwaters in Pennsylvania and across the Midwest.

The quality of plant and animal habitats and ecosystems vary significantly along the 981-mile course of the Ohio River, the 321-mile length of the Allegheny River and their tributaries. Certain reaches of the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers and particular tributaries such as Little Mahoning Creek and the Shenango River  represent ecosystems of high quality – as demonstrated by a richness of fish and mussel species. In other sections of these waterways, however, human development has degraded water quality and affected ecosystems. These impacted sections present challenges to the viability of the entire river system and the life it harbors.

WPC seeks to restore these waterways while working within the present framework of human uses. We support innovative, cost-effective efforts that conserve and restore the health of these river ecosystems.

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