Lake Erie Region

The Lake Erie Region encompasses Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie coastline and tributary watersheds. Besides providing recreational opportunities vital to the local economy, the region exhibits unique, high quality ecological features that make a significant contribution to maintaining the diversity of the overall Lake Erie ecosystem.

The Lake Erie shoreline and lakeplain include high sand and clay bluffs, scarp seepages, and remnant wetland forests that support many rare species. Another unique feature of the Lake Erie shoreline is Presque Isle peninsula and bay. Presque Isle is a unique complex of beaches, sand dunes, and sandplains that is constantly being eroded and re-deposited by the action of lake currents, waves, and storms. The dynamic nature of these shorelines contributes greatly to the region’s unique species diversity. These landscapes are also important habitat for several rare reptiles and many species of shore birds. While they represent only a small portion of the Lake Erie ecosystem, the Lake Erie Region tributaries support aquatic ecosystems unlike any other streams in Pennsylvania.

WPC Strategies:


  • Protecting and stewarding high biodiversity areas such as lake bluffs, dunes, wetlands, lakeplain forests
  • Conducting inventories of native natural communities and species to support local land and water use planning
  • Actively participating in local land and water use planning to support implementation of local conservation initiatives


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