French Creek Watershed Conservation Plan and State of the Stream Reports

French Creek is one of the most ecologically significant waterways in Pennsylvania. It contains more species of fish and mussels than any other similar sized-stream in Pennsylvania. Consequently, it has been a focus of ecological research and conservation efforts. This page contains the Watershed Conservation Plan for French Creek, as well as reports on the major recent inventory and research projects of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in the French Creek Watershed. These projects provide detailed information about aquatic habitats that should be conserved and restored within the watershed.



3rd State of the Stream Report: Aquatic Communities and Habitats in the Tributaries to French Creek, Pennsylvania (2009). The 3rd State of the Stream Report focuses on the ten major tributaries to French Creek. It provides information about the mussel, fish, and macroinvertebrate communities of each tributary. It also includes in-stream habitat mapping and assessments for each tributary, as well as an analysis of land use in each tributary watershed.

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2nd Annual State of the Stream Report: Freshwater Mussels (Unionidae) – French Creek, Pennsylvania (2004). The 2nd Annual State of the Stream Report details the results of freshwater mussel surveys on the mainstem of French Creek conducted in 2003. The distribution and population health of each mussel species is described. The relationship between the mussel community and habitat is analyzed.

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1st Annual State of the Stream Report on the Health of French Creek (2003). The 1st Annual State of the Stream Report focuses on water quality issues in the French Creek Watershed. It describes water quality, nutrient loading and the macroinvertebrate community. In-stream habitat mapping and assessments for the mainstem of French Creek are provided. The relationships between water quality, macroinvertebrates, habitat, and land use are analyzed. Additionally, a description of the geomorphology of French Creek is provided by Dr. Eric Straffin of Edinboro University.

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French Creek Watershed Conservation Plan (2002). The French Creek Watershed Conservation Plan was written in collaboration with the partners of the French Creek Project. It provides a description of the watershed and its associated land, water, biological and cultural resources. In addition, the plan describes the threats to these resources and provides detailed recommendations for conserving French Creek through education, research and cooperative actions.

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