Gateway Island Median Design


One high-profile area identified in our 2007 report on downtown greening is the set of median islands at the junction of Commonwealth Place and Liberty Avenue where the Fort Pitt Bridge reaches down into the Golden Triangle. Working with a diverse group of downtown stakeholders, WPC sponsored a design competition to re-envision this important entry way from the Tunnel to downtown Pittsburgh. Given all the recent investment in the new subway stop on Stanwix Street, and in the dramatically refurbished Point State Park, this is a key location to complete the redevelopment of the area.

Three teams presented their preliminary designs in a public meeting to gather comments and reactions from stakeholders. The final design selected as the “favorite” is “Extend-Scrub-Soak & Glow” by Bionic of San Francisco, Calif. The design uses green infrastructure design principles to demonstrate storm water management, manage pedestrian flow, enhance the aesthetic experience of the area, connect key resources such as Point State Park and the Stanwix Street Subway station, and utilize the latest in energy efficient lighting. We are currently in a fundraising phase to support the next steps for this exciting project.

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