Downtown Greening and Special Projects

In 2007, WPC completed a report on opportunities to green the densely built Golden Triangle of downtown Pittsburgh. Since that time, WPC has been working to test and demonstrate a variety of greening strategies that can be used in any urban setting. Increasingly this work has begun to focus on green infrastructure that not only looks better but provides important environmental services and benefits such as temperature modulation, wind protection, storm water absorption and noise abatement. Research is also showing other positive benefits from greenery in populated areas including social, psychological and economic impacts. Here are some of the documented and multi-faceted values of green:

  • Positive Environmental Impacts such as

o Modulation of temperatures and related energy savings

o Reduced storm water runoff and pollution

o Improved air quality

o Increased habitat and biodiversity even in the most unlikely places

  • Population is retained in communities with attractive landscapes and green spaces
  • Property values can be increased by up to 30% by trees and other greenery
  • Strengthens social capital and community interactions

Hanging Baskets and planters in Market Square, Downtown Pittsburgh  

While our work started and has been tested in downtown Pittsburgh, it is now spreading to other neighborhood “town

centers” and key commercial streets.

We invite you to browse the various projects we have been working on. Contact us with comments and questions!

Hanging Baskets

Downtown Planters

Special Projects


Greening Assessment CoverPlease click on the image at right to read the report "Greening Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle: As Assessment of Opportunities for Downtown Greening".