Downtown Greening

Greening of public spaces helps to make our densely built urban centers more vital and vibrant places to work, live and visit. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has initiated and sustained extensive greening approaches in Downtown Pittsburgh for the past two decades.  This work includes hanging floral baskets and street planters on key streets, gardens at the Point, planting over 500 trees and a green parking lot. 

In 2007, WPC completed an assessment of downtown and offered recommendations for a variety of greening approaches in Downtown Pittsburgh.  Many of the recommendations have been implemented.  Just as important, this assessment has provided a general model of approach for greening of urban centers and has been valuable to communities outside the Downtown Pittsburgh.

Hanging Baskets and planters in Market Square, Downtown Pittsburgh

Some of the documented and multi-faceted values of greening include:
  • Environmental Impacts such as
    • Modulation of temperatures and related energy savings
    • Reduced stormwater runoff and pollution
    • Improved air quality
    • Increased habitat and biodiversity even in the most unlikely places
  • Improved quality of life in communities with attractive green spaces
  • Increased property values by up to 30% through the addition of trees and other greenery
WPC hanging baskets and greener parking lot at 7th Street and Ft. Duquesne Blvd, Downtown Pittsburgh
We invite you to browse WPC’s Downtown Pittsburgh greening projects. Contact us at or 412-586-2346 with comments and questions.

WPC staff tend to summer flower display of Downtown planters 

Greening Assessment CoverPlease click on the image at right to read the report "Greening Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle: As Assessment of Opportunities for Downtown Greening." This WPC report has been influential for many of our projects with partners downtown.

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