Special Gift Opportunities

You have an opportunity to create a permanent and meaningful legacy with a special gift to one of our programs. We are currently raising funds that offer donors recognition while also providing lasting support for the projects outlined below:


The Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund
Fallingwater’s windows are suffering from the effects of weather and time. The Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund enables replacement of the house’s current window glass and supports future glass replacement.

You may choose the window that you would like to endow – and become a part of Fallingwater forever. You will receive a commemorative piece of the old Fallingwater glass framed along with a drawing of the house, specifying the window that you have endowed.

Special Projects

There are many ways that you can support specific programs at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Special giving opportunities begin at the $500 level.

Email WPC about Endowing a Community Garden
Each year, WPC organizes more than 12,000 volunteers, plants more than 200,000 flowers and brings mulch and other equipment to 130 community gardens. These gardens bring neighbors together and serve as a source of community pride. However, the cost to maintain these gardens is significant.You can help WPC sustain this important work by establishing a named garden through an endowment gift to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. You, your family or a loved one will be recognized in perpetuity on one of our community garden signs. Gifts to endow the community gardens range from $25,000 to $250,000 based on the garden’s size, visibility and location, and can be paid over a period of years. For more information on this, or any of these opportunities, please contact us at 412-586-2336 or development@paconserve.org.


The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code, and 100% of your donation is tax-deductable as allowed by law.