Trees for Ligonier

Trees for Ligonier is a project of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) in partnership with the Borough of Ligonier in Westmoreland County. With a generous grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation, WPC has established a comprehensive community forestry program in the borough that includes technical support services, education and outreach, planting and maintenance plans, and volunteer engagement.

WPC forester analyzing inventorying Ligonier street tree.

Since 2014, the Conservancy has worked closely with the Borough of Ligonier to implement a comprehensive street and public park tree inventory, with the goal of providing a detailed guide for future urban forestry practices in the borough.

WPC began the project with technical support services in Ligonier, which included a full street and park tree inventory resulting in a final report that includes short- and long-term recommendations. WPC’s forester and certified arborist collected data focusing on species, size, age and health of all public trees. WPC’s final report includes an iTree Analysis, a leading forestry analysis model developed by the US Forest Service and Davey Tree Company. This analysis provides data on the current environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits of Ligonier’s street and park tree population. Ligonier’s public trees currently return $81,145 in benefits to the community annually. These benefits will increase over time as the tree canopy grows.

WPC staff and volunteers plant street trees in Ligonier, fall 2015.

WPC has partnered with the Ligonier Borough and the Shade Tree Commission members to implement education and outreach efforts for businesses, property owners and residents. Community education and outreach helps guarantee the success of community forestry projects so that everyone has a vested interest in valuing, planting and caring for their trees now and in the future. Community tree plantings of up to 100 trees in the borough will take place over three seasons, including fall 2015, spring 2016 and fall 2016. Anyone interested in volunteering for one of these planting events in Ligonier can inquire by calling 412-586-2386 or by emailing

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