Squirrels have long been considered the “best foresters” because of the number of seeds and nuts they bury every year that result in new trees. Hundreds of years ago this squirrel made his home in a gigantic forest with millions upon millions of trees that stretched for thousands of miles in every direction!

A part of that forest covered what we now know as Pittsburgh and the squirrel could hop from tree to tree — from Squirrel Hill to Oakland to White Oak; from Pine Township to Greentree; from Forest Glen to Treesdale — without ever having to touch the ground.That squirrel’s descendants are still hopping through the trees of Pittsburgh. The trees aren’t as dense as they once were, but they still prevail by the thousands in acres of woodlands and parks throughout the area for all to enjoy.

This Web site is designed to serve as a handy and useful reference guide to the most prevalent trees in Pittsburgh. We hope you find it interesting, informative and easy to use as you seek to identify and learn about “The Trees of Pittsburgh.

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