Message from the Chairman

There’s an adage in business that advises “plan your work and work your plan.” In 2006, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy exercised the latter.

W PC’s Conservation Blueprint for Western Pennsylvania, finalized in 2005, brought together more than 30 years of scientific data, information and knowledge and offered practical benchmarks to help us best protect, conserve and restore the diversity of Pennsylvania’s rich lands and waters. It is an ambitious document; with goals that include protecting up to 25,000 acres of land and 400 miles of streams and rivers over a three-year period. The Conservancy’s work in 2006 proved that these benchmarks are attainable.

Fallingwater’s audience and programming grew in 2006 with many opportunities for the public to enjoy and experience a design that exists in harmony with nature.

Our Community Gardens and Greenspace Program expanded the conservation aspect of its work to further improve the quality of life in our region. The handful of examples that follow in this report are indicative of an organization that knows where it needs to be and is taking all of the steps necessary to get there.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s work could not be accomplished without the support and involvement of volunteers, benefactors, partner organizations, directors and employees. The pages that follow are intended to be not only a celebration of a successful year, but to serve as a testimony to these very important groups.

E. Michael Boyle
Chairman of the Board

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