Family Helps Protect Important Streamside Habitat
in French Creek

Few waterways in the northeastern US can be considered intact; French Creek, in southwestern New York and northwest Pennsylvania is one of them. The protection of this globally significant Allegheny River/Ohio Basin watershed was strengthened by 163.49 acres in 2006. Through a family’s financial contribution in memory of a loved one, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was able to acquire an ecologically significant property in Venango Township, Erie County. The family will continue to support WPC’s efforts through stewardship of the property.

The West Branch of French Creek flows through the entire length of the property. This parcel is also adjacent to WPC’s 244-acre “Lowville Fen.” The combined 407-acre tract will be managed as part of a larger riparian forest ecosystem. This particular floodplain includes American elm, swamp white oak, spicebush, ironwood and hawthorn trees.


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