The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy protects, conserves and restores land and water for the diversity of the region's plants, animals and their ecosystems.

Through science-based strategies, collaboration, leadership and recognition of the relationship between humankind and nature, WPC achieves tangible conservation outcomes for present and future generations.

A message from WPC Board Chairman E. Michael Boyle

A message from WPC President
and CEO Dennis McGrath

Establishing a conservation plan for Bear Run Nature Reserve

Targeting a leading pollution source in Pennsylvania

Prioritizing conservation measures in 57 counties

Establishing forestland protection measures

Celebrating and protecting Fallingwater and its setting

Exploring the natural possibilities of Mount Washington

2005 Financial Summary

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A Message from WPC Board Chairman E. Michael Boyle

If one word could be used to describe the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 2005 it would be energy. The Conservancy achieved significant growth in our three organizational programs - conservation, community gardens and Fallingwater. The year brought great strides in forestland protection, extending our conservation reach in both public and private forestlands. Implementation of the forest management plan that began in 2005 will ensure ecological, economic and recreation benefits today and tomorrow.

Dennis McGrath joined the Conservancy as president and CEO, bringing with him a strong work and educational background in conservation. Under his leadership, WPC is renewing its focus on land and water conservation in alignment with our traditional mission.

Our community gardens continue to thrive as more than 5,000 volunteers planted more than one-quarter million flowers last year. Fallingwater celebrated its 70th Birthday and last year began offering more specialized tours. Renovations were completed on The Barn at Fallingwater, a structure built in 1870, which in 2005 won a national award for its environmentally-responsible design. The building now hosts office, meeting and educational exhibit space.

While this report will only touch upon the highlights of the past year, it is my hope that you, as employees, friends and supporters of our organization, will gain a sense of the recent accomplishments and possibilities that are now within our grasp and feel "energized" by what you read.


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