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Western Pennsylvania Conservancy



“We have a reverence for the land...”

“We love this place and that’s why we decided to do what the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy does, only on a smaller scale,” said Eleanor Thomas.

James and Eleanor Thomas set a personal goal to protect a wooded property behind their house in Hyndman, Bedford County. When the land was to be parceled and sold, the Thomases purchased it to keep the property intact, even though it meant paying the market price based on the value of the timber it contains, which they will never harvest. “I had fears of somebody buying the land, bulldozing it and planting grass,” Eleanor said.

The Thomas’s love for the natural beauty near their home is one of the reasons they also decided to remember WPC in their wills.

The Thomases have been members of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for more than a decade and have strong ties to WPC’s mission. Both are avid gardeners with a love for the outdoors. It was this appreciation for the natural world residing outside their door that inspired them to create a legacy that will help protect the quality of life in our region. WPC thanks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas for their generosity.

Choosing to name WPC in your will is as simple as adding a codicil to your existing document. For information on how you can create your own legacy to help further WPC’s mission contact us at 412-586-2336 or development@paconserve.org.