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A Build-it-Yourself Fallingwater (Lego) Kit

One doesn’t have to be a student of architecture to find inspiration in Fallingwater’s unique structural design. Young people — and Frank Lloyd Wright fans of all ages — now have an opportunity to “build” and learn about Fallingwater through the new Fallingwater Lego set.

The new Fallingwater Lego kit.

The set was developed by architectural artist Adam Reed Tucker of Brickstructures Inc. “While never having formally studied all of Mr. Wright’s principles, concepts or beliefs it is not hard to identify the spirit of his use of spatial harmony, rhythmic balance, dancing geometries or genius use of proportion,” said Tucker.

“My hope is that my whimsical use of the LEGO brick as an elegant and sophisticated medium transcends its identity as a simple toy to make one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s greatest achievements come to life for all to take away and enjoy.”

Clinton Piper, Fallingwater’s Museum Program Assistant, coordinated Fallingwater’s input and approvals on the project, in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “It has been a great project for me. I never imagined that there would be a Fallingwater Lego set or that I would have a hand in it,” said Piper.

The Fallingwater Lego set is part of a new product line called Lego Architecture. This series also includes famous architectural landmarks such as the Seattle Space Needle, the Sears Tower and the Brothers Adam Rossi, 9, and Caden Rossi, 6, play with Lego bricks every day and were delighted to see the new Fallingwater Lego model. Empire State Building. The goal of the series is to inspire future architects, engineers and designers from around the world.

The Fallingwater Lego kit was introduced at Fallingwater July 24 and 25. As part of this product launch, Tucker unveiled a large-scale Lego model of Fallingwater.

The Fallingwater Lego kit is now available at the Fallingwater Museum Store, or online at

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