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Greening Downtown Pittsburgh

Imagine that downtown Pittsburgh is so visibly green that it delights the eye and turns heads. Imagine that the green technology and buildings for which Pittsburgh is developing a national reputation become visible “on the outside” in the landscape itself.

“Greening Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle,” a plan developed by WPC's Community Gardens and Greenspace Program with a grant from the Heinz Endowments, could make this vision of Pittsburgh a reality. The assessment offers a range of opportunities, potential partners, as well as cost projections for downtown greening strategies. WPC staff are developing partnerships to pursue these opportunities and help transform Pittsburgh into a memorable green destination.

At this crucial moment of new development and investment in downtown Pittsburgh, this greening strategy will play an important role in the creation of a livable downtown. The plan supports efforts to retain people and corporations by enhancing the livability of the region.

“Once the plan has been implemented, residents and businesses will be attracted by the look, feel and functioning of the city as an environmentally pleasing, comfortable and healthy place to live and work,” said WPC’s Senior Director of Community Gardens and Greenspace Program Judy Wagner.

The assessment focuses on five key areas of downtown: Gateway, Firstside, Fifth and Forbes/Market Square, the Cultural District and Grant Street. It recommends greening opportunities for each of these areas, such as street trees, planters, hanging baskets and green parking lots. Implementation would begin this year, during Pittsburgh’s 250th anniversary.

Hanging baskets line the Roberto Clemente Bridge, the first of many downtown Pittsburgh Greening Initiatives.