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A new way to create your legacy with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy: The Flexible Gift Annuity

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The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy offers charitable gift annuities (CGAs) as a way for donors to support our future work with a substantial gift while still receiving income for life from that gift. In exchange for your irrevocable gift, WPC provides you with a CGA that pays you and/or your spouse a fixed income every year for life. After all annuitants have passed away, WPC utilizes the remaining value of the CGA to further our mission and goals. If you wish to support the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy through a gift annuity but want the flexibility to defer annuity payments until you need them, you now have a new option with the flexible gift annuity.

With a flexible gift annuity, you can elect to begin receiving annuity payments one year after its creation or you may continue to defer the payments based on your unique circumstances. For every year that you defer your payments, your annuity rate and payments will increase in value. What’s more, you will know up front what the annuity schedule of payments and rates will be each year because it is established at the time that you make the gift.

For example: John and Cathy, ages 65 and 62, create a flexible gift annuity with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy with a cash gift of $25,000. They elect a range of 20 years, starting one year after establishing the annuity, to have the option to draw upon the annuity:* Before finalizing their gift, John and Cathy receive a chart of rates and the corresponding payouts for the next 20 years. They know how much they would receive in their annuity and how much of it will be considered tax free in any given year.

• They receive an immediate charitable gift deduction of $5,294.

• If they elect to begin annuity payments one year from today, they will receive an annuity rate of 5.1% with a payment of $1,275 annually for life.

• If they defer payments for 10 years, their annuity rate will be 8.1% and they will receive an annuity of $2,025 for life. The rates continue to go up each year, capping at 15.2% if they wait the full 20 years to begin annuity payments.

We would be delighted to create a customized flexible gift annuity scenario for you to share with your financial advisor. Please contact Carey Scheide Miller, director of development, at 412-586-2356 or

*This is for illustrative purposes only.