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Quebec Run

Quebec Run

The large, unbroken oak forest that characterizes Quebec Run Natural Area offers bountiful opportunities for hiking, hunting, fishing and low-impact camping.

Located on Chestnut Ridge south of Uniontown, this secluded part of Forbes State Forest is blanketed with rhododendron. It contains numerous steep ravines and small mountain streams, including Quebec Run, for which the area is named.

“My favorite thing to do is hike down Quebec Road to Quebec Run and take the trail east or west and hike along the beautiful little stream,” said Greg Socha, the Conservancy’s associate vice president for special projects-forest protection.

Quebec Run
Quebec Run
Photo courtesy of Forbes State Forest

Although the forest is not heavily used, it includes an extensive trail network. The forest’s swift-flowing streams contain native brook trout.

“I’ll often challenge myself to try to catch native brookies while my dog spooks every fish within 100 yards,” said Socha. “Needless to say, I have not had much success, but it sure is a lot of fun.”

Directions: Take 119 south to Uniontown. Continue on 119 to Route 40 East, up the western slope of Chestnut Ridge. Turn right on Skyline Drive (immediately after the Summit Inn Hotel) and continue on Skyline until you pass Laurel Caverns. Skyline Drive comes almost to a T; at that point turn left onto Quebec Road (right continues on Skyline Dr). Continue on Quebec Road downhill until you reach a parking area/trailhead on the right.
GPS coordinates: -79.66479 39.84561

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