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April 2010

Fallingwater Residency Programs Provide Opportunity to Learn from a Masterpiece

Fallingwater sketch

Students and educators who are looking for the educational experience of a lifetime are invited to apply to the Fallingwater Residency program this spring.

Accepted applicants have the rare opportunity to spend approximately one week at one of America’s most significant works of architecture, Fallingwater. Here, they will explore structure, function and appearance in the built environment, and use problem-solving and collaboration as a fresh way to learn.

In a small community of learners, Fallingwater’s Student and Teacher Residency participants discover the house and grounds, discuss and debate new concepts, and participate in hands-on projects. While engaging in these activities, participants explore how architecture and design tells the story of how people live – past and present.

“The Teacher Residency program at Fallingwater is a truly unique experience for a teacher. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and learn in the midst of Frank Lloyd Wright’s incredible architectural masterpiece that is as relevant and inspiring today as it was when it was built almost 75 years ago,” said Peter Goldstein, AIA, a 2007 Teacher Residency program participant and a teacher for the High School Residency program.

2006 High School Residency participant Coolie Calihan said, "The Fallingwater Residency program is immensely inspirational. Besides being able to experience the stunning spaces that make Fallingwater one of America's most prized architectural works, you are surrounded by people who have an infectious passion for beautiful architecture. The experiences I had prepared me for architecture school and what I would find in a design studio, while the memories I have will stay with me forever.”

Applications are due April 15 for both the Teacher Residency and Student Residency programs. The Teacher Residency will be held June 23-30, 2010, and the High School Residency programs will be held July 8-14 and again July 22-28. Tuition for all residency programs is $700 and includes dormitory-style room and board at the Kirkpatrick House, a split-level house located at Bear Run, the 5,000-acre nature reserve that surrounds Fallingwater.

Each of the two High School Residency programs has a different focus. Residency 1, scheduled for July 8-14, is led by Aron Temkin, AIA and explores how Wright’s ideas about design, materials and the natural environment informed his work. Residency 2, to be held July 22-28 and led by Peter Goldstein, AIA, focuses on environmental and design-related issues as they relate to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and emphasizes creative problem-solving.

For more information or to apply, visit http://www.fallingwater.org/learn or call 724-329-7826.

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