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April 2011

We're looking for Kaufmann’s Memorabilia

the Burke Building

In celebration of Fallingwater’s 75th anniversary in 2011, Fallingwater will showcase the legacy of Kaufmann’s department store (now known as Macy’s) with an exhibition entitled Kaufmann’s: Pittsburgh Purveyor of Culture. The exhibition will be shown from June 24 to August 28, 2011, in Fallingwater’s Visitor Center gallery space.

Through panels, artifacts, and installations, the exhibition will illustrate the innovative ways Kaufmann’s incorporated art and design to establish itself as Pittsburgh’s flagship of retail and culture. More than just a merchandising center, the department store became a cultural institution that exposed Pittsburgh shoppers to a world of goods and experiences.

As part of the exhibition, we would like to include unique relics or merchandise from Kaufmann’s. Perhaps you have an old hat box tucked away deep in a closet or some old Kaufmann’s memorabilia buried in your files, or you might have fun anecdotes to share about your memories of shopping at the Vendome Shops, viewing the Christmas window displays, or meeting under the clock at the corner of 5th and Smithfield.

Justin Gunther, curator of buildings and collections, will be gathering stories and memorabilia throughout March and April. If you have anything you’d like to share, please email him at jgunther@paconserve.org.

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