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June 2010

Fallingwater Lecture Series

The Barn at Fallingwater

If you’re interested in gaining an in-depth perspective on the circumstances and people that made Fallingwater possible, plan to attend one or both lectures that comprise the Thursday and Friday Lecture Series at the Barn at Fallingwater.

Lectures held each Thursday are titled, “Fallingwater: A Place for Renewal.” During this lecture, you’ll learn about how Frank Lloyd Wright and the Kaufmanns came together, and why Mill Run was chosen as the site to create a house designed for living in harmony with nature. On Fridays, “The Extraordinary Life of Frank Lloyd Wright” reveals compelling information about the architect of Fallingwater, a man whose life was wrought with brilliance, romance, and tragedy. This lecture revisits the events that shaped one of modern architecture's most prominent figures.

Please note that lectures are not held in Fallingwater itself, but rather at The Barn at Fallingwater. A Pennsylvania bank barn built in the late 1800s, The Barn at Fallingwater once supported the Kaufmann family’s dairy farm. Today, this LEED-certified building has been adapted for other uses, including meeting and gathering space.

If you're adding a lecture to your visit to Fallingwater, we suggest allowing at least three hours on-site and scheduling your tour for no later than 12 noon or no earlier than 3:30 p.m. The lectures run from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., and are $8.00 when purchased with a Fallingwater house tour. Or, tickets to attend the lecture only may be purchased for $18.00. Lectures also may be booked for groups by special arrangement.

If you're interested in selecting a specific date to attend the Fallingwater Lecture Series, please visit the Fallingwater Calendar.

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