Fallingwater Residencies Engage Both Students and Teachers

Teacher residents

If you are a student or an educator who would like to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright and organic architecture, consider applying to the Fallingwater Residency program this spring. Accepted applicants will spend approximately one week studying at Fallingwater, where participants will receive new insight into Frank Lloyd Wright and the principles that shaped his work.

Student Residencies are held from July 26 - August 1, with applications due May 15, 2009. For students, the program offers a hands-on and personal educational experience, where young minds are introduced to the principles of organic architecture and its effects on modern communities. Any student who has completed his or her sophomore, junior, or senior year, but who has not entered college, is eligible to apply. Tuition for the program is $650, and includes dormitory-style room and board at the Kirkpatrick House, a split-level house located at Bear Run.

“Before I went to Fallingwater, I was unsure of my career choice. I was scared because I didn't know much about practicing design. We sketched every single day inside Fallingwater and were allowed to explore the building in-depth. This helped me with my visualization skills,” said Kathleen O’Donnell, who participated in the 2008 student Residency program. “Also, we completed three semi-college level studio design assignments. I had never made a model or thought about illuminating space before, but I did at Fallingwater.”

The two-part Teacher Residency program first introduces the concept of activity-based inquiry with an emphasis on problem solving. Focusing on Fallingwater with an interdisciplinary eye, teacher residents will take an invigorating look at design education. Participants will then examine how educators can respond to nature in design while being conscious of issues like green design and environmental sustainability. In the second part of the teacher Residency program, alumni from the previous program return to Fallingwater to share how they are using architecture and Fallingwater to spark creative thinking in their own subject areas.

“I now have a better understanding of how architecture education can be utilized to enhance instruction and learning. The interdisciplinary inclusion is now a consistent consideration for me,” said previous Teacher Residency participant Ron Frenzen.

Tuition for the Teacher Residencies is $650 and $575 for Part One and Part Two, respectively. Part One of the Teacher Residencies runs from June 24 - July 1, with applications due by May 15. Part Two runs from August 9 - August 15, with applications due by May 15. As an added bonus, the Teacher Residency counts for Continuing Professional Education (Act 48) credits for teachers in Pennsylvanian districts.

To learn more about the application process for both student and teacher Residencies, please visit the fallingwater website, or contact Fallingwater’s Education Assistant, Jennifer Hiebert, at jhiebert@paconserve.org.