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May 2010

Endow a Garden for Someone Special this Spring

The Interior of Fallingwater

Gifts of flowers are fitting for many occasions – especially to honor or remember a loved one. However, while a bouquet of flowers lasts for only a few weeks, a gift to the gardens endowment lasts forever! When you make an endowment gift to one of our beloved community gardens, your gift of flowers will be lovingly planted and maintained year after year.

Across 20 counties in Western Pennsylvania, more than 10,000 volunteers will plant 200,000 flowers in 140 community gardens during the month of May. After a bleak and snowy winter, this cadre of caring neighbors will transform street corners and town gateways into beautiful flower gardens. Just as important as the volunteer muscle is the ethic that it grows among our volunteers – of which about half are children. By engaging volunteers in the plantings, we are instilling in them an ethos of community service and ecological awareness that will stay with them long into the future.

As valued and loved as our gardens program is to the 140 communities in which we plant, we are reliant upon funding sources that have been particularly hard hit in the recent recession. Corporate and regional asset district support has declined significantly this year, resulting in a need for $150,000 in immediate support to keep each community garden in place. We are always seeking outright sponsorships (starting at $1,500 per year); however, with an eye towards the future, we aim to establish a new set of endowment funds to sustain the program year after year.

You can help maintain this important initiative now and into the future by establishing a named garden through an endowment gift to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. You, your family, or a loved one will be recognized in perpetuity on one of our community gardens signs. Gifts to endow the community gardens range from $25,000-$250,000 (based on the garden’s size, visibility and location) and can be paid over a period of five years.

For more information on the gardens endowment or on current sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carey Scheide Miller, Director of Development, at 412-586-2356 or cmiller@paconserve.org.

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