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October 2016

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Students Experience Fallingwater’s High School Residency Programs Through ACE Mentor Program
A group of interns.

Michael Mancil was waiting in line to enter his junior prom when he received a phone call from Amy Humbert, education program coordinator at Fallingwater. Michael had recently applied to Fallingwater’s summer architecture camp and learned he was accepted in the program.

“When I got the call, it definitely made my day,” said Michael. “From then on I was just counting down the days until I went to Fallingwater,” said Michael.

In July, Michael and four other high school seniors and entering college freshmen traveled across the country to attend Fallingwater’s Architecture Camps, called Studios 1 and Studio 2, thanks to scholarships provided by the ACE Mentor Program of America.

ACE, which stands for architecture, construction and engineering, helps mentor high school students and inspires them to pursue careers in design and construction. Through its local chapters, the program also connects students with local mentors who are practicing industry professionals. Since its establishment in 2002, ACE has awarded over $14 million in scholarships nationwide.

The ACE Mentor Program has provided scholarships to high school students to attend Fallingwater’s weeklong architecture camps since 2014. In Architecture Camp Studio 1, students are introduced to architecture and design with hands-on building projects directly related to the house. Studio 2 is designed to assist students in preparing for admission to an architecture or design college and build their portfolio.

“We were allowed to roam freely through the house and go down the hatch,” said Sydney Chase, who attended Studio 1. “We also viewed the home from beneath the falls, similarly to how the Kaufmann’s enjoyed the home. By the end of the week, I felt that Fallingwater was not just another beautiful building, but was part of me.”

An intern working in Fallignwater.

Led by instructor Peter Goldstein, who is an accredited architect with the American Institute of Architects, the architecture camp activities encourage students to be creative while learning about the building’s connection to nature and the importance of designing for a client.

“Fallingwater’s education staff is grateful for the financial and vocational support the ACE Mentor Program provides to students interested in careers in architecture and design,” said Ashley Andrykovitch, curator of education at Fallingwater “And the students are grateful, too.”

”The ACE mentorship program gave me a taste of what it's like to be in a field concerning architecture, construction or engineering, which is invaluable! Having that experience made me more prepared for my future in college and the workplace,” said Eleanor Wakou, who attended Studio 2.

Fallingwater’s 2016 ACE Mentor Program Scholars included: Sydney Chase of Lake Mary, Fl.; Michael Mancil of Orange Park, Fla.; Sarah Piccoli of Severna Park, Md.; Noah Torstenson of Urbandale, Iowa; and Eleanor Wakou of Austin, Texas.

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