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September 2010

Gift to United Way of Allegheny County

the Erie Bluffs

Each year, more than 10,000 volunteers come together to plant and maintain our 140 community gardens across Western Pennsylvania. These beautiful community gardens brighten millions of people’s day each spring and summer and bring neighbors together to do something good for their communities.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has affected our community gardens program. The loss of several significant corporate sponsorships has put some gardens in jeopardy for the next planting season. We need your help to ensure that these gardens remain a vibrant part of their communities.

To support the Community Gardens with an extra gift today, click here.

If you work in Allegheny County and your company participates in the United Way’s fundraising campaign, you can also support our beautiful Community Gardens through your United Way contributions. Select United Way Agency Code 1327597 when you fill out your campaign contribution form – and brighten your community!

For more information on the Community Gardens and volunteer opportunities, click here.

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