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September 2011

Students Complete Fallingwater Architecture Camp

A group of students from Architecture Camp.

A group of students from Architecture Camp.

Nineteen high school students from around the country completed the Fallingwater Architecture Camp this summer. The weeklong camp, designed for students ages 15 to 18, focused on architecture, art and sustainable design.

The camp provided students with a rare opportunity to explore Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas through interdisciplinary hands-on working sessions at Fallingwater and Bear Run Nature Reserve, the 5,000-acre forested area surrounding the house. Distinguished leaders in the fields of architecture and design education led the program, which investigated the art and science of building, artistic expression and process, environmental stewardship and sustainable design practices.

"Students who participated in the camp gained fresh perspectives on learning, a whole new set of skills and knowledge and contacts in the field of architecture. They also had insights into their own talents, interests and potential. Many of our former participants have gone on to enter competitive undergraduate programs in architecture, interior design and related fields," said Roy Young, Fallingwater's curator of education.

For additional information about Fallingwater Architecture Camp for high school students and educational programming for all ages, contact Jennifer Hiebert at jhiebert@paconserve.org or 724-329-7826.

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