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A unique opportunity to closely access and examine Fallingwater.
We offer several types of programs in conjunction with Elderhostel Pittsburgh.
Use architecture to spark creative thinking in any subject area.

Student Activity Page

Spend the Day Learning at Fallingwater

We now offer several additional school tour activities to combine with your Fallingwater tour.  Choose from interactive programs for younger students to in-depth lectures aimed at high school students. We are happy to help you build an entire day of fun and educational activity at Fallingwater!

Interactive Programs:
Minimum 10 students, maximum 30.  $4 per student.  Most appropriate grade levels are indicated.

Nuts and Bolts of  Fallingwater

An interactive demonstration about Fallingwater’s structure.  Students explore the concepts of cantilever, post-tensioning, and materials.  PA Standards in Mathematics and Science and Technology.  Grades 5-10.  Allow 1.5 hours

Discover Nature at Fallingwater

Students use all their senses to learn about the local ecology on a walk through the landscape surrounding Fallingwater. Rain or shine!  Addresses standards in Environment and Ecology.  Grades 3-8.  Allow 2 hours

Curator’s Choice Lectures:
Minimum 10 students, maximum 50 students (sometimes more).  $45 with Fallingwater tour;  $75 without a tour. Best for high school students.  Allow 1 hour. 

Fallingwater Faces: Meet the clients, the architect, and the Pennsylvania craftsmen who created Fallingwater in this discussion of local history. History.

Why Fallingwater Isn't Falling Down: Explore the building’s structural concepts and learn about the successful structural strengthening that saved it from collapse. Science and Technology.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Master Builder: Fallingwater was a pivotal point in Wright’s long career.  An overview of his major works,  plus Wright’s life and his ideals. 

History, Arts and Humanities

The Art of Fallingwater:  Highlights of the Kaufmann’s collection, including works by Audubon, Lipchitz, Arp, Picasso, and Rivera.  Arts and Humanities.

Connecting with the Environment: Wright’s ideas were an early approach to sustainable design.  Learn how our region has become a leader in the green building movement.  Environment and Ecology.     

Saving the Places We Care About:  Explore the water, land, and wildlife of this region, and learn how the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is protecting them.  Environment and Ecology, Geology.

Other Options:

  • Plan time for a self-guided nature hike at nearby Bear Run Nature Reserve.  (Ask us for a trail guide).  Free.
  • Visit our gallery at the Barn at Fallingwater, with a rotating schedule of exhibitions on art, nature, and local history themes.  Free.

Call 724-329-8501 for more information and to book one of these activities.


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