Issue 1 - Volume 1 - Summer 2004

Welcome to the first issue of Focus on Fallingwater, a bi-yearly e-newsletter designed for those who share our love of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterwork and relish delving into its many facets. As we begin this publication, your input is vital to its success.

Fallingwater Twilight Tour and Dinner

Once again, we will be offering our popular Sunset Tour. This late afternoon In-Depth tour has a special ending - light hors d'oeuvres served on the pottery terrace at the house. The Sunset tour will be offered selected Saturdays throughout the summer and fall. Advance reservations and payment are required. Please call 724-329-8501, ext. 3 for dates and additional information.    More..


Conservation in Watercolor

Perspectives on Western Pennsylvania: Paintings by Michael M. Strueber, running July 24th through September 6th at the newly renovated Barn at Fallingwater, reveal and interpret the rich and diverse landscapes of western Pennsylvania . Working in watercolors, Strueber celebrates, contemplates, and generously shares the land he loves.  I paint what I want to understand, and sometimes you don't understand something until you attempt to paint it.  More...



A Fallingwater Reunion

Glenn Work, from nearby Mill Run, Pa., and Rudy Anderson, from Port Allegany Pa., both worked on the construction of Fallingwater when they were teenagers. Rudy and Glenn were reunited with Earl Friend at the "Fallingwater Homecoming" exhibit in July, where they shared stories of their roles in building a masterpiece with staff and local teachers. Below are excerpts from interviews taken with Rudy and Glenn in 1997.




A New Design for the Fallingwater Café

Visitors to Fallingwater this year will find a newly renovated Café at the Visitors Pavilion. The new configuration allows for better circulation, an out of sight preparation area, and dishwashing capabilities. Thanks to these improvements and other facility upgrades the café now offers its delicious and freshly prepared fare using china, glass, and flatware, instead of the paper and plastic products used in the past. L.D. Astorino and Associates, an architecture, engineering and interior design firm based in Pittsburgh, created the café's enhanced ambience and more efficient plan.   More...


The Art of Fallingwater

We plan to make this a regular feature, wherein we spotlight some of the artwork found at Fallingwater. Today, we take a look at the Red Cubical Sculpture by Artist/Architect Paul Mayen which graces the living room of the house. This sculpture consists of six red lacquered blocks ostensibly arranged to form a cube. The cube is not entirely complete, however; two opposite corners are not included in the shape. When viewing the cube, expectation seems to fool the eye into completing the square. What is seemingly missing, with the involvement of the viewer, helps to complete the whole.   More...


Fall Gift Ideas from the Fallingwater Museum Shop

Frank Lloyd Wright's Autumn Sumac Dana Thomas House Stained Glass

A window in the Susan Lawrence Dana House in Springfield, Illinois, featured Frank Lloyd Wright's repeated design of the native prairie Sumac plant, in an abstract form. An autumnal feeling is created by the use of rich amber and green colors in the glass. The original window was one of a pair located in the reception hall of the house. This piece measures approximately 7.5" x 9" and includes a FLW-signature plaque, display easel, and chain for hanging. $65.   More...


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