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Click here for more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterwork.
Tickets and Reservations
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Click here for more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterwork.
Click here for more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterwork.
Click here for more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterwork.
Click here for more about Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterwork.

WPC Photos Types of Fallingwater Tours

All tours through Fallingwater are guided tours. All tours discuss Fallingwater and Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, and the integration of the house with its beautiful natural landscape.

We offer the following:

A Regular Fallingwater Tour An In-Depth Fallingwater Tour
Sunday Brunch Tour Fallingwater Landscape Tour
The Fallingwater Focus Tour The Family Tour
The New Sunset Tour

Our Regular Tour lasts 55 minutes to an hour, and includes all of the major rooms of the house. Children 6 and up may accompany adults on this tour. We are sorry, but photography is not permitted on this tour. Reservations are essential for this tour. Tickets may be purchased online.

A self-guided grounds tour is available every day we are open provided there is sufficient parking.

The In-Depth Tour lasts approximately 2 hours, and is available only at 8:30 a.m. It includes all of the major rooms of the house, plus secondary spaces not available on the regular tour, smaller group size, and extended interpretation. Children must be 9 years old to accompany adults on this tour. Still photography only is permitted on this tour. This tour must be reserved in advance.

The Family Tour features a combination of hands-on activities and a guided tour of selected rooms in Fallingwater. Activities explore why Fallingwater stands up, and the tour discusses how a house can be inspired by nature. The tour is designed for young children and their parents to enjoy together. Children should be between the ages of 5 and 9 and accompanied by at least 1 adult family member. This tour is offered at 11:30 a.m. and requires a 48-hour advance reservation with prepayment.

Are you bringing very young children along?
For the safety and comfort of all visitors, children must be 6 years old to accompany you on a regular tour; 9 on an in-depth tour.

The Fallingwater Landscape Tour is a 90-minute experience around the exterior of the house and its immediate setting. This walk is approximately 1.5 miles over moderately rugged terrain and appropriate footwear and weather related clothing is essential as the tour is offered rain or shine. Available every Saturday in May, September and the first three Saturdays in October guests are treated to a birds-eye view from above, the iconic southwest view, and seeing the building form its own cascade down the hillside when viewing the masterwork from the east.

The Sunday Brunch Tour allows one to imagine inhabiting Fallingwater, after spending nearly two hours in the house on a guided tour, limited to 10 people. Photography is permitted and the tour includes time in rooms not included on a regular tour, such as the Kitchen and Servants Quarters. The tour concludes on the covered terrace as guests join their guide for brunch. Bear Run stream flows beneath the house, its sound creating a memorable accompaniment. The Brunch Tour is offered every Sunday from May through September (except Aug. 24).

The new Sunset Tour is a late afternoon in-depth tour with a special finish-- light hors d'oevres served on the pottery terrace of the house. This tour is offered at select times of the year and space is limited.

The Fallingwater Focus Tour is a very special tour through the house with a member of our curatorial staff. Lunch is included on a private terrace. These tours are limited and must be reserved at least two weeks in advance..


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