Our Shared Legacy


Western PA Conservancy

OUR SHARED LEGACY: The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

From all of us at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, thank you for making Our Shared Legacy: Western Pennsylvania’s Water, Land, Life, a tremendous success.

Five years ago, in December 2010, we launched the first comprehensive campaign in the Conservancy’s history. The goals were ambitious, and thanks to you and 24,520 people who invested in a shared vision for the future of Western Pennsylvania, we raised $59 million – nearly $19 million more than the original $40 million goal.

On December 31, 2015, we officially concluded the campaign. Because of your support, we’ve been able to strengthen and expand the scope of all of our programs over the past five years. Some of our major accomplishments include:

  • Protecting 61 properties totaling 28,564 acres throughout Western Pennsylvania, including a 17,488-acre property in McKean County – the largest in our 83-year history – and protecting or enhancing 838 stream miles in priority watersheds.
  • Improving the rural and urban environment through the planting of 46,863 street and streamside trees and expanding our greening efforts through innovative storm water management practices such as bioswales and water-capturing tree pits.
  • Enhancing Fallingwater’s educational opportunities through unique on-site residency and internship programs and the expansion of a lodging facility, High Meadow, to support the enhanced educational programming we will provide through Fallingwater Institute.

The impact of Our Shared Legacy will be experienced now and for years to come. While our accomplishments are remarkable, we are still working toward ambitious ten-year goals and need your continued help to protect the region’s land and water resources, bring nature to urban communities through gardens, trees and greenspaces and preserve and steward Fallingwater.

Your annual donation is essential to our daily work, and helps us do more for our region.

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