Our Shared Legacy
Mooney's at Fallingwater

A Deep Sense of Stewardship

Paul and Anne Mooney realized that the places that they cared about were also places that the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy cared about...Read their story >

PA's Natural Beauty

Our Vision for the Future

We will continue to focus our energies on conserving the region’s exceptional places. We seek to safeguard Western Pennsylvania’s most important natural areas that are yet to be conserved; to continue to bring gardens and green spaces into our communities; and to preserve Fallingwater as an example of living in harmony with nature.

During this decade, we will:

  • Conserve 50,000 acres of natural lands containing forests, ridges and valleys — lands of such significant conservation value that they merit and require protection;
  • Restore and protect 1,500 miles of creeks and streams, to improve public health, enhance recreational opportunities and preserve habitat for fish and other wildlife;
  • Connect people to nature by planting 20,000 trees across the region and establishing endowment funding for community gardens; and
  • Sustain Fallingwater by building its endowment, carrying out the preservation required to maintain this iconic example of organic architecture and expanding on-site educational opportunities.
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