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We are grateful for every generous gift that will help the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy achieve its goals.

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WPC’s commitment to protect the land, water and life of the region could not continue without the support of members. To find out more, email members@paconserve.org.

Christine Gregory: Her Legacy

Picture a childhood where you would sneak outside on a humid summer night and listen to the sounds of animals in the darkness. Perhaps you, like Christine Gregory, were able to enjoy these sights and sounds of nature during your formative years.

Christine vividly recalls the moment she first fell in love with the natural world – right down to the nightgown that she was wearing. She was five years old, and snuck outside of her parents’ house to listen to the sounds of the night. This formative experience led to a strong curiosity and interest in nature that continues to this day.

Growing up on the campus of Shady Side Academy, where her father was a teacher, Christine spent much of her childhood exploring a bordering property, now WPC-conserved Beechwood Farms, and wandering on the Trillium Trail – areas that she thinks of as her “backyard.” Yet, despite growing up right outside of Pittsburgh, it wasn’t until a chance outing with a beloved aunt to WPC’s annual Members’ Day that Christine truly got to know the work of the Conservancy.

Like many before her, Christine was struck by the sights and sounds of Fallingwater. In fact, her memory of the sounds of Fallingwater is stronger than the first time she actually saw the house. She recalls hearing the roaring waterfall before the house even came into view – one of the many unexpected surprises of visiting Fallingwater after heavy spring rains.

Over the ensuing years, Christine’s excitement for WPC has only grown. She is impressed with how the Conservancy evolved for an organization focused on building city parks to one that has significant impacts across all of Pennsylvania’s western counties. Additionally, as a member of the Shade Tree Commission in her current “hometown” of Freehold, NJ, Christine is thrilled with WPC’s accomplishment of planting 20,000 street trees in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods through the TreeVitalize Partnership. Interestingly, at a recent shade tree convention in New Jersey, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh was hailed as a project that should be copied!

To help ensure that WPC can continue its impactful work in the future, in 2012 Christine decided to include the Conservancy in her estate plans. She hopes WPC’s conservation work will continue to protect areas where children and adults can truly experience the joys of nature.

The Conservancy is honored to be included in Christine’s future plans.

Our success will be our collective legacy, a testament to foresight and commitment to the natural resources entrusted to us.

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