Our Shared Legacy

Our Donors

We are grateful for every generous gift that will help the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy achieve its goals.

Man Standing by a River

WPC’s commitment to protect the land, water and life of the region could not continue without the support of members. To find out more, email members@paconserve.org.

Steve and Kathi Guinn’s Story

Like many supporters of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, a trip to Fallingwater introduced Steve and Kathi Guinn to the Conservancy’s work.

During a tour of Fallingwater nearly 30 years ago, Steve and Kathi came to appreciate the balance that WPC takes in preserving it as an architectural treasure that the public can enjoy – while ensuring that the 160,000 visitors that experience it each year do not cause irreparable damage to the house. As they became more aware of WPC's other efforts, they grew to love those programs too.

As they explained, “We think Western Pennsylvania is beautiful country and we would like it to remain that way for future generations. To be credible and effective, conservation must be based on solid science. Effective conservation is not ‘doing nothing to the land;’ it entails being proactive to protect the land – such as working with farmers to limit damage to the land and water sources with simple solutions like setting up alternate watering holes that keep cows out of streams. The icing on the cake is the beautiful gardens and greenspaces that WPC creates in our urban areas.”

For all these reasons, Steve joined the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s board of directors in 2008 and serves as chair of the Our Shared Legacy comprehensive campaign. Through Steve and Kathi’s leadership and generosity, they are inspiring others to get more acquainted with the Conservancy’s work.

Our success will be our collective legacy, a testament to foresight and commitment to the natural resources entrusted to us.

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