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David and Barbara Watters’s Story

Editor’s note: We are honored that David participated in creating this article prior to his passing on March 16, 2014 at the age of 84. Though saddened by the loss, we are grateful to be a part of his legacy.

Tending to his beloved vegetable garden at his home outside of Greensburg, Pa. was a favorite hobby for David Watters. He pointed out that he didn’t plant flowers because, after all, “you can’t eat them.”

This appreciation for the outdoors extended to David and his wife Barbara’s other pastimes, spending many happy weekends over the decades enjoying nature with family and friends at Pike Run in the Laurel Highlands. They also took advantage of Fallingwater being “in our backyard,” frequently bringing out-of-town guests for a tour. For all of these reasons, supporting the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was an easy choice when they received a membership mailing 15 years ago.

As loyal Evergreen Circle members, David explained, “We see Fallingwater as a wonderful introduction to the Conservancy.” Barbara added, “It’s a joy to see Fallingwater.” To them, its natural setting — nestled among mountain laurels, rhododendrons and hemlocks and situated above roaring Bear Run — is just as important as the ingeniously designed house itself. The Conservancy’s mission is very compelling because they experienced so many amazing natural places across Western Pennsylvania. As David said, “beautiful spots need to be protected for people to enjoy.”

Barbara and David, a retired executive vice president with Hefren-Tillotson, both grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Sixty-one years ago, they met at their shared workplace of Westinghouse Electric. Married for nearly 59 years, they raised two children and welcomed two grandchildren. They enjoyed traveling together — often by train or riverboat. David also maintained a weekly lunch date with a group called the ROMEOs (standing for Retired Old Men Eating Out).

David and Barbara have generously supported WPC’s overall mission because they saw that nature is a disappearing resource that needs to be conserved. Additionally, they have funded several preservation projects at Fallingwater. Through the Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund project, they’ve endowed and named a window above Mrs. Kaufmann’s desk at Fallingwater and, most recently, they have named and endowed the Hatch in memory of their son, David Allen. Besides providing immediate support for the Conservancy’s mission, they have also planned for the future, designating a portion of their estates to support the Conservancy’s overall work.

“Some of my best childhood memories come from time I spent in nature,” David said. “Today, Barbara and I are fortunate to live next to a wooded area. We take pleasure in watching birds and wildlife over the seasons. We need to preserve natural spaces in Western Pennsylvania so that my grandchildren’s grandchildren can appreciate them as we have.”

Their foresight and generosity ensure that their legacy will be closely tied to the Conservancy for many years to come.

Our success will be our collective legacy, a testament to foresight and commitment to the natural resources entrusted to us.

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