TreeVitalize Pittsburgh Seeks Support as Fall Planting Season Begins

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Partnership to Restore Tree Cover is On Track to Plant 20,000 Trees

Pittsburgh, Pa. – October 22, 2010 – As its fall 2010 tree-planting season gets underway this weekend, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh announces it will have planted 8,700 trees by year-end and is on track to attain a goal of planting 20,000 trees by 2012.

A partnership to restore tree cover in the Pittsburgh region, TreeVitalize Pittsburgh relies on volunteers for community tree-plantings and on individual homeowners who plant trees and register them with TreeVitalize.

“TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is making a visible difference, as neighborhoods across the city are transformed by the addition of healthy, young trees,” said TreeVitalize Director Jeff Bergman. “In addition to making our neighborhoods more lush and inviting, trees deliver a wide range of benefits, such as improving property values, reducing stormwater runoff, cooling homes, streets and sidewalks, and even strengthening local economies.”

Anyone may volunteer with TreeVitalize for tree plantings that begin October 23 and continue through November 20. A complete list of the neighborhoods to be planted this fall, as well as the dates and times of planting events and registration, may be viewed online at

TreeVitalize will plant more than 2,800 trees this season, bringing the grand total to 8,700 trees planted since 2008. Of the 2,800 trees, 590 will be added through neighborhood planting events, and 2,278 will be planted through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus grant through PennVest.

One of the communities receiving trees this weekend, Homewood, will see the addition of native, flowering trees around the perimeter of the Burgh Bees Apiary and Garden on Susquehanna Street. The trees will provide nectar and pollen that sustain bee populations. “This partnership with TreeVitalize will allow us to not only make the site more bee-friendly but a friendlier place for the environment and Pittsburghers alike by utilizing old, overgrown, unused sites and turning them into usable greenspace,” said Apiary Director Steve Rapasky.

TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is a joint project of Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh, Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

TreeVitalize invites the public to support the goal of adding 20,000 trees to the city by 2012 by planting trees at home and registering them on the TreeVitalize website.

For more information, please email or call 412-586-2396.



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