WPC Acquires Critical Conservation Land near Lake Pleasant

Tue, Feb 21st 2012, 14:53. Filed under News Releases.

Pittsburgh, Pa. – February 21, 2012 – The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) acquired 16 acres of forest, fields and wetlands in Venango Township and Greene Township, Erie County near Lake Pleasant today.

“Because of its rare biodiversity and uncommon habitats, protecting the lands around Lake Pleasant continues to be a priority for the Conservancy,” said Tom Saunders, president and CEO of the Conservancy. “To date, we have protected more than 550 acres of shoreline, wetlands and uplands around the lake.”

Protection of this property is important for the conservation of Lake Pleasant because the entire property drains to the lake, including a small tributary on a slope. The property contains a 2.5-acre wetland that is a habitat for plants like willow, winterberry holly, silky dogwood, royal fern, sedges and duckweed.

The property consists of a mixture of forest, fields, a small pond, mowed areas and pasture. The forested portion contains sugar maple, tulip tree, black cherry and white pine.

Lake Pleasant is a 64-acre glacial lake tucked in a valley in the eastern portion of Erie County. Of the eight northwestern Pennsylvania glacial lakes, it is considered the least disturbed by human impact.

A calcareous glacial lake, Lake Pleasant was formed by the melting of a glacier, which resulted in an intricate community of rare native plants and fish species. It is part of the diverse ecosystem of the French Creek watershed.

Protecting the lake also helps ensure the continued high quality of French Creek, which contains the highest level of biodiversity of any river of its size in Pennsylvania and all states to the northeast.

Made possible by a bequest gift from Helen Katz to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, this acquisition will help to protect, restore and maintain the Lake Pleasant watershed, which provides an ample supply of water to the lake. The land will be accessible to the public.


Photos have been made available for media at: http://goo.gl/QoIcU

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