Natural Resource Conservation

Sustainable Countrysides

Collaboration and consensus building are key approaches to conservation for Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Approaching long-term protection of precious resources from the perspective of the local communities who are impacting biodiversity and quality of land and water resources by the decisions they make is a philosophy widely embraced by conservationists nationally and internationally. But, this approach also reflects the experiences over time of our organization, and we reach the same conclusion: Conservation is a complex undertaking involving many stakeholders whose involvement is essential for long-term success.

Sustainable Countrysides Western Pennsylvania Conservancy engages local communities as a means to educate, inspire and equip others to join us in advancing conservation. We reciprocate their involvement with us and assist them on issues of importance to their future such as planning for appropriate economic development and growth.

Many rural communities derive livelihoods from working forest and agriculture lands. These places represent a big portion of the many lands WPC aspires to protect but simply cannot buy. We are working with local communities in rural areas to promote and sustain these livelihoods in ways that net positive impacts on land, water and biological resource protection. Communities elsewhere are dealing with declining quality of life partially due to earlier industrial activity, especially coal mining. The legacy of this activity is decimated land and water quality. WPC has considerable expertise and technical assistance to offer the many groups who approach us to help in their communities with these issues and projects.

Forestland Conservation Program
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