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Farmland Access Initiative

The demand for locally grown food is rapidly increasing in the Pittsburgh region. However, it can be difficult for farmers, particularly those just starting out, to find farmland close to urban markets due to high costs of land. There is a need for a proactive effort to make affordable farmland available to new and established farmers.

Land Farmland Access Initiative Plain Grove Fens

To help address the challenge of land access, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy currently has two farm properties, one in Mercer County and another in Westmoreland County, where land is leased to local farmers for diverse, small-scale agricultural operations. Both of the locations are about an hour drive from and are easily accessible to the Pittsburgh food market. Read the press release announcing this initiative.


Helping Farmers Manage Their Land

At each farm, the Conservancy has incorporated a “whole farm” management approach and developed plans for each farm that will identify areas for protection, such as stream buffers, wetlands or high quality habitat and will work with the farmers to develop soil conservation plans for the agricultural portions of the property.

Our land conservation, stewardship and watershed conservation staff, will continue working collaboratively with the tenant farmers to ensure the natural features of the property are protected while maximizing agricultural productivity. Our partners will be available to provide assistance with farmer education, marketing, business management and other aspects of operating a successful agricultural business.

Donating or Selling Your Farmland

We can acquire properties through purchase, donation, or “bargain sale.” Tax benefits may be possible for donation of property, or for properties sold at less than fair market value.  Our staff can discuss options with landowners who are interested in conveying land to the Conservancy for this program.

We believe there is a critical need for available farmland to support the burgeoning local food economy. We are committed to playing a leadership role in supporting this economy through the acquisition, protection and leasing of affordable, quality farmland in the Pittsburgh region.

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