I Am the Rain

Written by John Paterson

This children’s book offers a very nice introduction to the water cycle with terrific, inspiring illustrations.  I also liked the additional information provided at the back of the book for older readers, parents and teachers.

Reviewed by Andy Zadnik, Director of Land Stewardship

Andy Zadnik has directed the Conservancy’s land stewardship program for 14 years. His responsibilities include overseeing the monitoring of lands protected by conservation easement as well as managing WPC preserves throughout Western Pennsylvania. Andy has a background in fisheries and wildlife resources.

Other Connections

The Allegheny County Nature Explorers program is a collaboration among Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA), Allegheny Land Trust and Allegheny County Parks. Through Nature Explorers Program, nature backpacks are available for families and educators to support inquiry-based learning in nature.

Among the many Nature Backpack themes, the “water conservation” backpack includes binoculars and magnifying glass for observation; pH strips, temperature gun, ice cube tray, and an identification guide to freshwater macroinvertebrates; as well as a guide with activity suggestions and literacy connections, such as journaling prompts and book list. Nature backpacks are available through the Allegheny County Library system and searchable through the online Library Catalog– search for “nature backpack” to see all of the available themes.