Out of School and Into Nature: The Anna Comstock Story

Written by Suzanne Slade

Illustrated by Jessica Lanan

For many adults that consider themselves part of the environmental community, amazingly, many have not heard about Anna Comstock (myself included, until now). This alone provides sufficient reason for me to recommend this book to young children, given the immense positive impact she had on bringing nature education into school across North America and proving first hand that science is a field women can and should be involved in too (as well as men).

Reviewed by Amy Jewitt, Invasive Species Coordinator for WPC and PA Natural Heritage Program

Amy serves as the Invasive Species Coordinator at the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program. Amy’s past experiences with both the Plum Pox Virus and Asian Longhorned Beetle eradication programs have made her a passionate advocate for raising awareness of the impacts invasive species have on the environment, economy, and human health and well-being.

Other Connections

You can learn more about Amy’s work with iMapinvasives at https://www.paimapinvasives.org

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