Western Pennsylvania is amazingly rich with wildlife, miles of rivers and
streams and lush forested ridges and valleys.

We’re here to protect them.  But we can’t do it without you.


We restore Western Pennsylvania’s local rivers and streams. This means clean water -- for wildlife to thrive, for people to drink, places to fish and paddle.

You may have visited a place we've protected. Ohiopyle, McConnells Mill, Raccoon Creek, and Erie Bluffs are just a few of the 10 state parks we helped create. We’ve protected more than a quarter-million acres of Western Pennsylvania's special places – forests, meadows, farmlands and more – forever.


Our scientists study the region’s rare and endangered plants and animals to guide our land and water conservation efforts.



With our volunteers, we create gardens and green places that bring nature into cities and towns across 20 counties.
We plant trees in neighborhoods and parks that capture storm water, provide shade and make communities more vibrant.
We create green spaces where schoolchildren learn and play.



We care for Fallingwater – a place that inspires visitors from around the world; a symbol of people living in harmony with nature.