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      FALL 2007 COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE                                water, land, life

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Gift Memberships Help Ensure
the Future of Conservation

In 1958, WPC Member and Board Member Ruth Scott bought a gift membership for her friend Rachel Carson. Carson was a pioneer in the environmental movement and is most famous for her book “Silent Spring,” which exposed dangers of chemicals such as DDT. In 1959, Ms. Carson renewed her own Western Pennsylvania Conservancy membership and continued to be a WPC member for the rest of her life.

Members are vital to WPC’s work. Membership dollars provide this important source of unrestricted funds, which WPC can direct wherever the need is greatest in western Pennsylvania.

You can help WPC cultivate the next generation of conservation supporters. Consider giving a gift membership to your child or grandchild. The recipient will receive all the regular benefits of membership. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that the next generation of stewards of western Pennsylvania’s resources are being groomed to follow in your footsteps.

To renew your membership or set up a gift membership, visit For more information email