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      FALL 2007 COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE                                water, land, life

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Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Gets a New Graphic Identity

As WPC celebrates its 75th anniversary, we reflect on our history and look to the future. During the past year, WPC has evaluated how we describe and portray our mission and work. A logo is a visual symbol for an organization, and new logos were created to better symbolize WPC’s mission to care for our region’s land, water and wildlife for future generations and to preserve Fallingwater.

The new logo designs are not computer or mechanically generated. Their hand-drawn quality further represents the human connection of WPC’s work. The two lines and colors in the WPC logo symbolize western Pennsylvania’s land and waters and evoke WPC’s origins in 1932 as Pennsylvania’s first conservation organization.

The Fallingwater logo, designed to work well when presented with the WPC mark in co-branded pieces, strives to capture the tone of elegance, serenity and unity with nature that the building itself inspires.

After considering dozens of new slogan ideas, we returned to WPC’s first slogan from 1959— “Water, Land and Life”—for inspiration. The updated version, “water, land, life,” describes the Conservancy’s mission and programs in a simple and direct way that is equally relevant today. The slogan also has meaning and application to WPC’s Community Gardens and Greenspaces Program, as well as the preservation of Fallingwater...a living architectural masterwork that serves as a symbol of living in harmony with nature.

As we implement the new organizational identity, WPC is making use of its stock of previously-printed materials. Throughout the fall of 2007 and beyond, the new logos will increasingly appear on print materials, the website and other communication pieces.