"Conserving Western Pennsylvania’s Waterways"

Board of Directors

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy protects and restores exceptional places to provide our region with clean waters and healthy forests, wildlife and natural areas for the benefit of present and future generations. The Conservancy creates green spaces and gardens, contributing to the vitality of our cities and towns, and preserves Fallingwater, a symbol of people living in harmony with nature.

Hell's Hollow

E. Michael Boyle, Chairman
Susan S. Fitzsimmons, Vice Chair
Alexander C. Speyer III, Treasurer
David E. Barensfeld, Secretary
Thomas D. Saunders, President and CEO

For information on WPC and membership:
Phone: 412-288-2777
Toll Free: 1-866-564-6972

Board of Directors
James Abraham
Franklin Blackstone, Jr.*
Colson Blakeslee, D.O.*
Jarvis B. Cecil*
William Conrad
Geoffrey P. Dunn, M.D.
James C. Finley, Ph. D.
Dan B. Frankel
Dennis Fredericks
Caryle R. Glosser, Ph.D.
Stephen Guinn, Ph.D.
Scott D. Izzo
H. Lewis Lobdell
Robert T. McDowell

*Emeritus Directors

Paul J. Mooney
Daniel S. Nydick
Michael Polite
Carolyn Rizza, Ph.D.
Jean Robinson*
Stephen G. Robinson
Gary J. San Julian, Ph.D
Catherine Baxter Smith
Samuel H. Smith
K. William Stout
Timothy R. Thyreen
Weida G. Tucker
Joshua C. Whetzel III
Joshua C. Whetzel, Jr.*

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