The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy’s 2007 Trail Guide to Bear Run Nature Reserve

The Bear Run Nature Reserve
A Timeline of Major Acquisitions

1963 - Edgar Kaufmann jr. (sic) entrusts the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy with Fallingwater and 500.17 surrounding acres, which Mr. Kaufmann named The Kaufmann Conservation on Bear Run as a memorial to his parents.

1964 - 1981 - In the ensuing years, Edgar Kaufmann jr. donated more land around the property, bringing his total land gift to 1,893 acres.

1982 - WPC acquires a key missing link in the Bear Run watershed with an additional 143 acres in the uppermost portion of the watershed at the origins of Bear Run.

1984 - A 57-acre tract that borders the extreme southern part of Bear Run Nature Reserve is acquired as a buffer between the reserve and private land and to provide further protection to the watershed.

1986 - Bear Run Nature Reserve grows with the acquisition of 173 acres.

1990 - WPC buys a 75-acre tract in the southern corner of the reserve.

- Mrs. Robert Kirkpatrick donates 67 acres and a single family residence near the entrance to Fallingwater. 469.54 acres are added to the reserve as the result of three transactions and one land donation.

Today - the 5,061-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve protects more than nine miles of streams, 3.5 miles of which are designated Exceptional Value Streams. The reserve hosts two Biological Diversity Areas and an Important Bird Area.

WPC invites you to enjoy the 5,061-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve. With many miles of trails, a trip to the Reserve is a rich outdoor experience during any season of the year. We hope that this trail map will help you will enjoy your visit. Please help us protect
the natural beauty by leaving everything just as you find it. Pets and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the reserve.

Located on Pa. Route 381,
3.5 miles north of Ohiopyle, Pa.

A project of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
1-866-564-6972 (toll free)

The butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a native perennial in the reserve.

A black snake discovered and photographed by WPC staff along the Arbutus Trail.

WPC Volunteer, Dr. Sidney Wolfson, leads a Land of Fallingwater hike through the trails at Bear Run Nature Reserve.




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