"Fallingwater in Focus"

Exploring Fallingwater Online

When Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater was first presented to Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr. on paper in 1935, the world was a much different place than the one we know. The first transcontinental telephone call had been made only twenty years earlier, people regularly wrote to one another with pen and paper rather than using e-mail, and modern advancements like computers were considered science fiction, if they were considered at all. With such limited means of communication, most people didn’t have the opportunity to learn about Wright’s newest, and soon to be most illustrious, work. A lucky person might have lived close enough to Bear Run to have heard about the Kaufmanns’ elegant summer home but could only experience this piece of art through word-of-mouth and photographs.

Today, Fallingwater is as breathtaking as ever, and much more accessible. It has been open to the public since 1963 and sees approximately 153,000 visitors annually, including people from all over the world. In addition, tens of thousands of people, from near and far, have been able to experience Wright’s masterpiece in a way he may have never expected: online., which was completely redesigned in 2008, offers an opportunity to experience the house on an intimate level, from anywhere in the world.

Certainly, there is no virtual experience that compares to visiting Fallingwater in-person and witnessing its seamless integration with the natural world. However, has been carefully crafted to create a virtual impression that gestures toward this powerful experience. For starters, the homepage itself pays subtle homage to Fallingwater’s clean and balanced style, strong horizontal orientation and iconic structure, while the natural sounds reflect what you might hear when stopping by for a visit on a spring day.

People who have never been to the house can visit to get a good idea of what a visitor can expect, but even Frank Lloyd Wright aficionados can use this website to enrich their knowledge of Fallingwater.

Under the “Explore” section, users may take one of several virtual video and audio tours, view examples of the many sculptures and installations contained within the house, and learn more about the history of the building and the events surrounding its construction by browsing through the interactive timeline. Visitors who want to gain a more intimate understanding of the key players in Fallingwater’s history can read the story of how the Kaufmanns met Frank Lloyd Wright and why they chose the well-known yet idiosyncratic architect to build their beloved summer home.

Users who are inspired to see Fallingwater for themselves can click on the “Visit” or “Learn” links on the homepage to research tour times and group rates, purchase tickets, find out about educational residency programs and make reservations for weddings and conferences at the Barn at Fallingwater. Users also can view a calendar of upcoming events at Fallingwater.

Finally, several options exist for anyone who would like to help support Fallingwater. Users may visit the online shop for gifts and books, become volunteers or make donations to help preserve this Pennsylvania treasure for future generations. Check out the new site at–– and while you’re online, visit WPC’s site,

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